Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Jungle Room

My 3 year son has a jungle-themed room, along with some of his favorite characters right now-Dora and Diego. I wanted to create a fun-whimsical jungle grass to go behind the jungle animals on the shelf. This is something the kids would not be touching (hopefully), and isn't seen up close.

I bought green and yellow wispy things (not sure what they are called) in the flower section of the dollar store. I had my husband cut some particle board into 3 inch x 4 ft pieces. I used green craft foam and stuck the "grass" into it. I then glued moss over the craft pieces to cover it. I glued the entire piece to the particle board and put up on the shelf. I really like how it turned out. I decorated the rest of the shelves with jungle animals. I got the ceramic ones at the dollar store, and the plastic ones at Walmart. I glued some cute wooden animals onto the shelves with hot glue. These are available at most craft stores.

I put a tree in the corner and hung animals in the tree. I used lots of stuffed snakes and intertwined them in the branches.

I have monkeys hanging from the shelves. I like to use wall stickers that come off easily when you are done and don't leave marks because what kids like change so fast. (The Jungle/Diego stuff use to be his older brothers theme until I was informed that Diego is for babies - he is 5!)

I lucked out and got a fabulous Diego set on eBay for .99 with $2 shipping. It worked out great because I could use them on the dresser too. He has Diego sheet set and comforter to to complete the room. I used the leftover stuffed animals from the Diego/Dora party to also decorate the room. (That birthday party idea is coming soon!)

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