Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Play Doh Party - All Ages

This was the party we did for my son who just turned 3 years old. This was such a fun party to plan. This party can be for a boy or a girl - and for all ages. This is a good one to have when you invite the whole family. Even adults like to play with Play-Doh.

INVITATIONS: I made invitations with all the party info on scrapbook max and handed them out with little mini playdohs. I got them at the dollar store (an 8 pack for $1 - awesome deal.) I printed a little label that said, "Please come to my party! It also had the playdoh logo printed on it.

PARTY FAVORS: I wanted to so something different for the goody bags. I wanted to make cans that looked like the playdoh tubs. My son is on a special infant formula and I had been saving the cans, so we had a lot and they worked out perfect. My husband spray painted the cans yellow, and the lids red, blue, and green. Use whatever colors you want or something you already have to save money. I printed the playdoh logo, cut them out, and spray glued them onto the cans. They turned out exactly like I wanted. I filled them with candy and more mini playdohs. I used the ones from the dollar store as well as some I got on clearance after Halloween. Halloween Candy on clearance is a great way to fill goody bags and pinatas!
DECORATIONS: We used red, yellow, and blue helium balloons and put them up all around the house. Everything we used for the party was also put up to decorate with - treat cans, tubs of playdoh, balloons for the games. You can use any bright colors to decorate with!

1.  Play doh Cookies: The first thing we did when all the guests arrived was to make playdoh cookies. The day before I made playdoh sugar cookie dough. I doubled the batch, divided it into 4 parts and used Wilton frosting dye - red, blue, yellow, and green-to dye the dough. It was very bright and looked exactly like play doh. We let the kids make there own cookie creations. We baked them while they started the next activity. Here's the recipe I used:

2. Play doh Free Play: I purchased several packs of playdoh, which is relatively expensive. Next we let the kids choose some playdoh and just play with it - creating whatever they wanted to. I had lots of cookie cutters and other play doh tools for them to use. I also made each child there very own rolling pin.
ROLLING PINS: We bought 1" PVC pipe - Only $3 for 12 feet at Home Depot. We cut it into 6" pieces and painted them orange, blue, and green. I used tole paint- because I had it, but it might be easier to use spray paint, because they took several coats. We bought 1" wooden dowels, painted them yellow with tole paint and cut them into 2" pieces. We glued them into the PVC pipe, using clear PVC pipe glue. They turned out so cute. The kids got to take them home.

3. Competition Play Doh: We wrote different things on scraps of paper, like ice cream cone, Christmas tree, telephone, etc. and put them in a bowl. We had the kids draw out a piece of paper and then gave them 10 minutes to complete what was on that paper. We then judged them and gave out prizes. Everyone got a prize and we had little medals (6 for $1 from the dollar store) for the top 5 winners. The kids were so creative.

4. Balloon Freeze Dance: We had blown up several different size, different colored balloons and spread them all over the the living room floor. We played music. The kids got to dance in the balloons until the music stopped, then they were suppose to grab one balloon and freeze. I called out a color and whoever was holding that balloon color won a prize. We did this until everyone had a prize.

CAKE AND PRESENTS: We didn't do a cake. Instead we made funfetti cookies, frosted them, and put 2 together to make an oreo-like cookie. We served it with punch. Then the kids opened presents. Each kid went home with their play-doh can of goodies, rolling pin, and their Play-doh Cookies.

The was a really easy, but totally fun party. We had kids ages 2-13 and they all had a blast. 
Have fun creating at your play-doh party!

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