Saturday, October 1, 2011

Personalized Family Game - Memory Lane

I wanted to makes something special for my sister for Christmas and I came across this game idea in the Family Fun magazine. I started by going to the DI to find a old game that I could turn into my own personalized game. I found an old army game which was perfect-it came with 3 plastic containers that were fitted for that box. It had cards in there which I just threw away. I put my trivia cards, game pieces, and dice in them. Look for a box with a nice game board and a box that is in good condition. I used pictures of my family, houses, etc, (anything that would jog a memory,) printed it a square, and mod-poged them to the board. I made up  trivia questions for our family. (Example: Name a memory of a family home.I used the picture of the house I grew up in)

I bought 5 different buttons at the craft store. I used sunglasses for relaxation, smiley faces for happiness, cars for wealth, pencils for knowledge, hearts for health.
I bought little craft boxes for each player to collect their items. For the game pieces I bought little 2 craft buttons of each- I glued one to the craft box and the matching other one was used for the game piece.

On the game board box, I took several pictures I had printed and then mod-podged them all over the box.

It was so fun to play as family, and although it was personalized to my immediate family,
we played it with the in-laws and it was neat to hear about their memories
and to get to know them better.

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