Wednesday, October 5, 2011

SpongeBob Party

This was the party we did for my son's 5th birthday. We did it in August, so we had a party with water games. The kids were asked to come in there swimsuits.

INVITATIONS: I made these invitations on my computer on Scrapbook Max.

I bought message in a bottle invites from They came with an invite(which I threw away) sand, little shells, little sunglasses, and a small umbrella. I put this invitation inside the bottle.

 I printed this on sticker paper and put in in the bottle.

We bought blue plastic tablecloths at the $ store and stapled them along the whole front of our carport. We slit them into strips so it was like the kids were walking into the water, or under the sea. I had purchased a lot of Spongebob toys on Ebay and we used these to decorate with. I also found some Spongebob and Patrick stuffed toys at the DI that we hung around the carport. I bought fish and crabs cutouts from the party store. We used blue tablecloths on the table. I bought real colored starfish from oriental trading and we used the small ones as confetti on the table, along with seashells I got at the $store. We hung fishing nets from the ceiling. We downloaded a Spongebob music cd from and we had it playing throughout the party.


PATRICK’S DOORPRIZE: Upon arrival I had the kids write their name on a piece of paper and put it in for a door prize drawing. I had a basket of toys from the $store that they could choose from.

SPONGEBOB PASS: I bought some cheap sponges at the dollar store. I had a bucket of water. The kids are in a line, the one at the front of the line dips the sponges into the bucket and passes it over their head and hands it to the child behind them. The next child passes it through their legs and passes it to the next child. We had music playing. The object is to not be holding the sponge when the music stops.

MR. KRABS TUG of MONEY: I got a piece of rope. I printed a large dollar bill and laminated it and then hooked it to the rope. The kids were divided into 2 teams. The game is played like Tug of War and they try to bring the dollar bill that was hanging on it, to their side. In the middle, there was a kiddie pool filled with water.

SQUIDWARD'S BALLOON SQUISH: I filled green and orange balloons with water before the party. We put the kids into 2 teams. We tied the green balloons to one team's legs & the orange balloons to the other team's Legs. The teams try to pop the other team's balloons without getting theirs popped. The team with balloons left wins.

JELLYFISH FIELDS: This game was lots of fun. I took pink balloons and filled them with helium. I took pink streamers and taped them down from the balloon to make them look like jellyfish. We tied the balloons to ribbon and different lengths to make them look like they were floating. Once the game begins we turned on the sprinklers around them. The kids were given nets to try and catch the jellyfish.

I printed a large picture of plankton and laminated it and hung up onto a board. I filled small water balloons before the party. Each kid was given 5 water balloons to try to hit Plankton. (if they didn't soak him by the first or second balloon, we let them get closer)

BUBBLE BABIES: We gave each child a small container of bubbles and let them blow bubbles.

PATCHY the PIRATE TREASURE HUNT: For this game I used common nursery rhymes for the clues. I wanted to do easy ones since the kids were young. Here are the Clues I used:

One two buckle my shoe, three, four shut the _______. DOOR

(on the DOOR) Jack & Jill went up the hill to fetch a ____________ of water. PAIL

(on the Pail) Here we go round the mulberry _______________. BUSH

(on the Bush)Baa Baa black sheep have you any wool, yes sir, yes sir, _______ Full. 3 Bags

( on the 3 bags) Rock a bye baby on the ______ top, When the wind blows the cradle will rock. TREE

(I had 3 brown bags that I filled with sand and had hidden)

(on the Tree) Little _____ blue come blow up your horn. The sheep's in the meadow, The cow's in the corn. BOY (I had this clue taped to my older son’s back)

(on the Boy) A little boy with wooden spade Went digging, digging in the ______ (Sand)
This is a lesser known rhyme, but the kids got it right away as we had a large sandbox. I had buried a treasure chest piñata in our sandbox-attached to the piñata was a note from Patchy the Pirate to say, “Arr Mateys, Ye have done it – Ye have found me treasure. ENJOY!"
We then let the kids break it open.

We served pizza, cake, and capri suns to drink.

CAKE: I ordered a “Crabby Patty” Hamburger cake from the local bakery and my husband put the spongebob drink  topper on the front. It was so cute.

Goody Bags: For the door prizes I bought these SpongeBob backpacks from ebay. I filled them with misc. candy, gummy crabby patties, SpongeBob lollipop rings, and real colored starfish from oriental trading (These were Patrick’s friends.) They also put their candy from the pinata in their bags.
We opened presents and I also drew for the door prize .
Here is another game idea, one that I didn’t use, but liked:

Mr Krab’s Money Pit-Put a bunch of pennies/nickels into the sandbox. You can also put some seashells and ONE gold coin. Let the youngest kids go first and set a time limit of 2 minutes to dig for money. The older kids can do this blindfolded. The gets the gold coin can get special prize.

This was a fun water party on a hot August day!
Thanks for reading my party ideas.

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