Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Lego Party

This party was for my oldest son's 9th birthday. We had about 30 kids come, including 5 preschool kids. (We used large building blocks for the little kids, rather than the small legos, and they participated in all games using these large blocks.)

INVITATIONS: I made the invitations on scrapbook max.

DECORATIONS: I cut large rectangles and smaller ones from bright colored cardstock. My mom used a die cut machine to cut several 1" circles from the same colored cardstock. I cut small square foam pieces and hot glued them onto the circles, and then glued the circles onto the rectangles to make them look like legos.  The foam pieces made the circle pop out. I used a hole punch and tied a piece of curling ribbon onto the lego piece and hung them from the ceilings. I also printed several lego logos and lego heads and hung them as well. They turned out so cute.

Because we had about 30 kids, we put them into groups. We let them draw for groups – there were Team Red, Team Blue, Team Green, Team Yellow. They each got their team badge.
 We put 22 legos into a snack-size baggie to give to each child.
These were to use for the game, not to keep. My husband, mom, sister, and I each took a team and rotated the games. Each group will do each game. The child will earn one lego after each mini-game is passed off, and they put them into their baggie. After all the games they would end up with 30 legos at the end for the building competition.

1. LEGO COUNT – Have the kids guess how many legos (blocks) are in the jar. Whoever guessed the closet won a prize.

2. LEGO DROP – I had 2 #10 empty cans. Each child uses 10 of their LEGO pieces. The child had to put the LEGO piece up to his chin and drop it trying to get it into the can. (If time allows or if they do this game really fast, have them stand on a bench and do the same thing.)

3. RING TOSS - Beforehand, I took my younger sons Duplos legos, and made them into 3 different sized towers, and hot glues them to a large board. I had 6 large plastic rings. The kids toss the rings onto the towers of DUPLOS. Each turn they had to take a step backward to make the game more difficult.

4. LEGO HOP RACE - Have each child's baggie of Legos to the end area, past ths finish line and have them dump them into a pile on a bench past the finish line. Each child gets into a potaoto sack at the beginning of the race. Say go and they jump down to their own pile of LEGOS, get out of the sack, pick up their pile and race back to the start. If they drop any legos, they have to hop back and get them. Note; You can buy potato sacks at IFA or other country stores.

5. LEGO ON A SPOON RACE – There will be 2 bowls at the end line. Have the kids dump their legos in the bowl. The kids race down to their bowl and put as many LEGO pieces on a spoon and walk back to the start. The kids must get all their legos back into their bags. If they spill any legos on the floor, the Legos get put back into the bowl. Complete this until each child has a turn.

6. PIN THE MISSING LEGO- I found a picture of a huge stack of Legos and made it into a 11 x 17 print. I cropped one of the legos and made pieces for the game. I laminated the game. The kids are blindfolded and try to get the Lego to the missing piece. (kinda like pin the tail on the donkey.)

7. LEGO POP – This was the whole group.  I blew up lots of balloons and hid a lego piece in each one. The kids have to pop the Balloon to find the LEGO. Give each child 1 balloon. They must pop the balloon, without using their hands or feet to get the next LEGO piece.

8. LEGGO MY LEGO- This was the whole group. (Lego Musical Chairs) I used the large duplo blocks, and put them into the middle, with one less  block than  their were kids. The kids sit in a circle around the blocks. When you blow the whistle the kids scramble to the center to get a lego. If they don’t get a lego, they are out. once they are out they get one lego from their leader. Keep going till there is one kid left. That person wins 5 extra legos.

9. PINATA- Break open the large Lego to reveal treats. My husband made this from a rectangle box He took 6 plastic cups cut in half, and glued onto the box. He then painted it blue. It worked so well,
10. BUILD WHAT’S ON THEIR CARD – Beforehand I had printed up cards that has an object on it (car, phone, lady, etc.) The kids each drew a card. They take their baggie of legos and have 10 minutes to build the object on their card. After completion they move them to the judge table where they will be judged.
This is the little kids creations.
Here are some of the older kids. We gave each child a number, so the judges didn't know who's they were.
11. CAKE- The kids then go over and have their cake and Capri suns. During this time we have 2 people judge the creations while they are eating. My husband and mother-in-law made this cake. We were running late so we didn't get the frosting colors as dark as we needed to.

12. AWARDS - Certificates were given to all the MASTER BRICK BUILDERS and prizes awarded to the top 3 that most resembled their card. Also prize is awarded to person who guesses closet amount of legos in a jar.

13. TALLEST TOWER - We didn’t have time to do this, but it would have been fun. All Lego creations are dismantled and put into large bucket (after pictures are taken of course) and then divided into the 4 teams. The 4 teams then compete to make the tallest tower.

GIFT BAGS - These turned out so cute. I made them just like the decorations. I used red and blue colored paper sacks. I printed a cute lego topper and stapled in on the top. It was filled with candy and party favors.
Thanks for checking out my party!

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