Sunday, November 6, 2011

Zhu Zhu Pet Party

My 3 oldest sons love the new toys, Zhu Zhu pets. I decided to throw a Zhu Zhu pet party for my son who was turning 2. After searching the internet, I found almost nothing on this, since they are relatively new. I did find some fun ideas and came up with even more. This is how my party went, and it was so fun. We had about 20 kids ages 2-12 at this party and they all had so much fun. We had each child bring their Zhu Zhu pet if they had one. If not, I brought some of my son’s extra ones. We made sure each one had their name written on it. Because it was for a 2 year old, (but mostly because I was 7 months pregnant, I had just moved into my new house, and it was the week of Thanksgiving) I didn't do any decorating. And really it didn't need any.  The kids had a blast.


Invitation: I created this on my scrapbook max program, and personalized it with a picture of my son. I make them 4” x 6” and save it as an image. I send them to Walmart to get printed as a 4 x 6 print and it is only 9 cents an invite. The invitation has the Zhu Zhu hamsters on the bottom and it said, “It’s a Zhu Zhu party with lots of fun things to do, please join us on this special day as child's name turns 2! Zhu Zhu zoom on over”-and then the party details. I personalized it with a picture.


1. Hamster Naming: The kids get to decide on a new name for them-selves. They choose a name that starts with the first letter of their real name. Then write their chosen name on a name-tag. This is what they are called the rest of the time at the party.

2. Find the Hamster’s Food: We took a large box with shredded paper. We took mini carrots and mixed them into the paper. The kids took turns trying to see who could find the most carrots. The older kids thought they would find a lot, but it was much harder than it seemed, but the kids had a lot of fun anyways.

3. Pass the Zhu Zhu Pet: This game is played just like Hot Potato, but instead we used a Zhu Zhu pet.

4. Pin the Party Hat on the Zhu Zhu Pet: I printed a large picture of Num Nums Zhu Zhu pet and laminated it. I printed 20 party hats and laminated them to. This is played just like pin the tail on the donkey. We blindfolded the older kids.

5. Hamster Dance: We downloaded the Hamster Dance song and put it onto a CD. We just let the kids dance to it. All the kids loved to dance to this song. It just makes you want to get up and dance!

6. Zhu Zhu Pet Race: This was a HUGE HIT! I took long 8' Styrofoam pieces, (could use 2 x 4 boards) and made 4 or 5 lanes by just laying them on the floor. Each person uses their Zhu Zhu pet and they race to see who hamster makes it to the finish line first. We had to do this in 4 rounds and then the winners of each round raced again for a top winner. It was so fun because each hamster has a mind of it’s own. The zhu zhu’s would take off and be winning and them all the sudden stop and turn the other way.

7. Zhu Zhu Battle: This was the ALL TIME FAVORITE game of the night. After the races, we moved the Styrofoam piece to form a large square. All the kids sat around the square and when we said, “Go” they pushed the button on their Zhu Zhu and stepped back. The kids were not allowed to touch their Zhu Zhu once the battle began. All the Zhu Zhu’s would move wherever they chose to. They would run into the others and knock them over. Whoevers Zhu Zhu was the last one up was the winner. It was so fun as the Zhu Zhu’s would get knocked over, then another Zhu Zhu would run into it and tip them back upright. Sometimes the Zhu Zhu would stop and another Zhu Zhu would run into it and make it start again. It was really like watching a demolition derby and never knowing what was going to happen. We played the hamster dance music while the battle was going on. The kids cheered their Zhu Zhu pet from the sidelines. We had to do several battles.

8. The Hamster Ball: My mom had a large inflatable wheel where the kids sit inside and hold on while someone rolls it.


CUPCAKES: I had my local bakery make cupcakes that looked like some of the Zhu Zhu pets. They colored the frosting with pink, chocolate, vanilla, and yellow frosting. They piped on ears, eyes, and mouths. The looked exactly like a hamster. They could also be made at home using mini m & m's or candies.
GOODY BAGS: I used a brown paper sack as the goody bags filled with treats and little prizes. I printed a topper with the Zhu Zhu pets and it said, “Thank You for coming to my birthday party!” on it. I stapled it to the top of the bag.

This party was fun for all ages. I wish I took a picture of the goody bags. They turned out so cute.
Zhu Zhu pets rock!

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