Friday, February 12, 2010

Cheap Fruits & Veggies

So a lady at my hubby's work told him about this AWESOME local place to get fruits and veggies at a great price.
They have sites in Arizona, Utah, Idaho & Washington. You pay online and then you pick up your food at a local place, usually a business, in your area. It cost $18 for the first time, and then is $15 each time thereafter. I cannot believe how much food you get!!! This is what we got one time.

As you can see there is a LOT of food.
*8 Apples
*6 Oranges
*3 mango
*a squash
*3 avocados
*11 Kiwi
*2 broccoli
*1 cauliflower
*20 red potatoes
*6 corn on the cob
*6 Bananas
*1 romaine lettuce
*1 cantaloupe

Each time the fruits & veggies that you get are different, but everytime I am amazed how much there is. It had gotten so popular that since I have been getting it they have added 2 more sites to my area. There are also options of other food you can add to your basket, such as breads. I think it is totally awesome!

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