Thursday, February 25, 2010


So we made a trip to the DI. I found lots of good deals. Here are two of my re-do's.

I found this AWESOME lamp and it was nice to begin with, but the color isn't what we are going for for our bedroom. It was $10, but it is so heavy and in such good condition that I thought it was worth that price. I love how tall it is. Here is the before Pic

I painted it black with tole paint. After it had dried I sanded the edges for a distressed look. It is gonna look SO COOL in our bedroom. I am using the original lamp shade. We just cleaned it up.

You can't tell, but this lamp is quite tall.
My other fab find was this little trunk. It is a sewing basket and made of hard plastic. I saw this little trunk and it called out to me - "BUY ME" I paid $4 for this.
I painted it with black tole and sanded the edges. This little trunk looks fabulous in our bedroom. BONUS: Hidden storage too!!!

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