Friday, February 12, 2010

Oganization Ideas

I live in a tiny house, so I have to have EVERYTHING, in it's own place at all times, otherwise it would literally overflow my space. Here are a few things I have done to make life easier.

The coat closet (AAAAGGGGHHHH) I hate it when I open the door and little mittens. hats, and scarfs come down on your head. So I put an end to it. I took a shoe organizer, a cheap cardboard one and put it on the top shelf.

I now have a place for everything! I labeled each cubby-kids gloves, mom;s gloves, scarves, baseball hats, umbrellas, etc- It is so easy to put them away now.

Another big mess are my medicine/toiletries/whatever closet. I wanted to keep my adult meds up high, but other things that my kids need continually,(like band aids) down low. I bought a shoe organizer that hangs on the door, and now I am able to put TONS of stuff in the little pockets for quick and easy organiztion. I loved it so much I bought one for my coat closet too. It makes an easy place for extra toothbrushes, travel soaps & other supplies, band aids, razors, etc. I printed labels too so my hubby and kids can find things easily.

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