Friday, February 12, 2010

Scrapbook for Dummies

Many people spend hours and lots of money on scrapbooking supplies. I am just not that creative. I wish, but, *sigh* I am not. But as a mom, I have TONS of pictures that I needed to find out what to do with. I started by gluing them on a piece of cardstock, labeling them, and adding stickers. This was my extent of scrapbooking. I did make a binder covered with material and lace, and threw my pages into plastic sheets. I now have about 25 THICK, scrapbooks. They take up so much space--- AND then I got a digital camera. I HATED printing them at Walmart, cutting them out, gluing them, and labeling them. SO I looked at my options and came across scrapbook max. Now I think I am pretty computer illiterate, but this was sooooo EASY. They have a trial period and I fell in love with it that first night, and purchased it the next day. I LOOOVVVVEEE IT. It comes with predone templates, and lots of cute embellishments. I do everything with it, not just my scrapbook pages, but invitations, primary handouts, bulletin boards, gift certificates, games, ---anything I can think of.

They offer free upgrades, and they give tons of freebies for new templates, embellishments, etc. Here are some things I have done with it.

Birthday Invites

Baby Shower Advice Card:

Light Switch Cover:

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