Friday, February 12, 2010

Star Wars Bedroom Makeover

So my son is getting older(8 years old now!!!) and he doesn't want his "little brother always getting into his things", so we decide it is time for his own room. Their room was done in Spiderman, until I was informed that, "I no longer like Spiderman" and it was time for a new theme AND his own room. His new interest is Star Wars so I started out by painting all the molding and baseboards black. I used tole paint(eek, I was not sure if that was ok or not, but it looks so cool, flat black, and it dries super fast) I had bought these craft boxes at the $ store for 2 for a $, and I have used them in my sons room since he was a baby. They were painted red, but now are spray painted black. My hubby hung them up right next to each other to create a long shelf.

EASY SHELVING: (Craft boxes painted and hung-up-super Easy)See the cute and different ways you use the craft boxes?
It is not shown here, but we have star wars figures on these sheleves.

I ordered some cute vinyl lettering Star wars sayings. They turned out so cute!

MORE SHELVES-WALL DECOR-I bought some wood shelves at the DI and Painted them black. I found 2 light-up light sabers and spray-painted them red and blue and hung them on the wall. They make a clanging noise and light-up when you push a button.

I found the swords at the $store.

I made these pictures on SCRAPBOOK MAX. It was suggested that we have a picture of a temple in each child's room, so I made the a picture with the St. George temple and a galaxy. It says, "May the force be with you." I thought that saying went perfect with the temple.

I lucked out and won this whole set for $6 with shipping. I haven't had much luck getting anything else for cheap, which is why my others shelves are so bare at the moment. I found a Darth Maul figure at the DI and keep checking for more things.


For the light switches and plugs, I found some cute pictures of the star wars characters, printed them to the right size, and mod-podged them to the light and plug covers. They turned out sooooo cute. I made my dresser knobs the same way. I bought some wooden knobs(cheap on EBay) and mod-podged the pics onto them. You can't see them very well in the pictures though. I painted the dresser black as well. You would think that all this black is too much, but it works.

His bed fram was red, so I painted it black. I chose to spray paint these. I bought a headboard at the DI for $10 and painted it black too. His bed was real short so we bought bed raisers at Walmart for $10. (REAL Cool- now I store my canned food storage under there) My mom sewed a cute bedskirt from black fabric that had tiny stars that looked like a galaxy. She also made fleece black throw pillows(about 6-my son LOVES his pillows.) They are not shown here. My mom found this cute, super soft star wars throw at Walmart. She sewed black fleece around the sides to make it fit a twin bed. Not the best pic, I know.

His closet does not have doors, so we found some great, heavy duty, black fabric at Walmart in the clearance bin and my mother-in-law sewed some great floor-length curtains. I found a great planet curtain with hanging glo-in-the dark stars at the DI. It fit my window perfect, but I had 2 windows-so my dear mother found matching material and made a second one. The window curtains provide the only color in the room as the planets are brightly colored.
 Everything else in black and white and I am loving how it turned out.

I made a door sign on SCRAPBOOK MAX, my favorite scrapbook program. I bought a wooden plaque at Walmart and painted it black, then mod-podged the picture onto it for a cute door sign.
My favorite part of the room-and something that really pulled together the Star Wars theme- is the ceiling. You can see a little of it with the vinyl lettering picture, but I could never get a great full-shot picture. What we did was take black butcher paper and stapled it-YEP STAPLED IT- to the ceiling. This was much faster than painting, and will be easily taken down when my son decides "he no longer likes Star Wars." I bought glo-in-the-dark stars from Ebay, and we stuck them all over the ceiling, creating a beautiful nighttime galaxy.
Overall the whole room make-over turned out great!!
Thanks for looking, Momma!

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